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Adriana Tanese Nogueira

Nascer do sol sobre o campo de trigo


and therapies
  • Post-Jungian psychoanalysis (includes the entire psychoanalytic path since Freud, excluding Lacan).

  • Floral therapy (Bach).

  • Interpretation of dreams.

  • Transpersonal therapy: The borderline phenomena between the psyche and spirituality.

  • Regression (DMP): Past lives.

  • Specific care for the psycho-emotional and relationship issues during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum

  • Special attention to the difficulties in breastfeeding and the development of the mother-baby bond.

  • Focus on the issues of women and the feminine for the empowerment and emancipation of women to emancipate them from what prevents their self-actualization.

  • Evolution of consciousness and development of critical and dialectical thinking.

  • Self-knowledge for the individuation process.

  • Search for vocation, meaning of life, place in the world, professional development.

  • Psychological education for the individual and collective progress.


Author and educator


Lectures and courses
  • Speaker.

  • Organizer of courses, group study, and therapy groups.

  • AELLA: Annual meeting of four days of psychoanalysis, philosophy and symbology.

  • Video lessons and lives.

If you want to schedule a lecture with me, email me:

Education for thinking and psychological education.

My Approach

I am a psychoanalyst trained in the post-Jungian school of Silvia Montefoschi (Milan, Italy) and in the school of life with its many surprises. My intellectual journey include many years of philosophy (Bachelor), a strong interest in religions (a Master degree in Religious Studies), and a life-long love for study of human being (12 years of analysis and PhD in Psychotherapy). My psychoanalytical background includes Freud, James Hillman, Erich Fromm, Jung, and several other authors from the psychoanalytic and non-psychoanalytic field. The biographical and clinical experience together with the constant deepening of self-knowledge led me to study and integrate spiritual phenomena, the so-called "paranormals" and past lives.

Who am I

Citizen of the world, I feel part of Europe and the Americas. I was born in Brazil (São Paulo State), I grew up in Milan, Italy, and I live now in Florida, USA. Studying the human psyche for more than thirty years, I promote the psychological education and evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

Psychological Education, Psychoanalysis, Therapy: Whom for?


For those who want to overcome depression, anxiety, fears, and insecurity.


For those who want to know who they are, their true values, their original thoughts and sincere feelings.


For those who want to find their vocation and life path.


For those who want to develop independence, focus, determination, and courage.


For those who want to resolve conflicts in their relationship with spouse, children, friends, and colleagues.


For those who want more harmony, spontaneity, and joy in their life.

When I started therapy with Adriana, I was on the edge of an emotional breakdown, and I was already in disbelieve that anything, person or medicine, could save me ... Already in the first session, I had a feeling of relief and of being in the right place at the right time. She gave me specific Bach Flower Remedies for each moment that I was going through. I confess that I bought and took them just out of conscience and so as not to hear a possible question, "Why are you not taking them?" I felt that they could only have a placebo effect and that they wouldn't do for me. Today I respect, admire and am grateful to the Flowers and the patience Adriana had with me. I learned that dreams speak more than they should (lol), and that they are extraordinarily subtle, and Adriana manages to reach their “core”, as she says, and goes slowly when she realizes that the load can be too heavy and the person is not in the emotional conditions to hear everything they should. She's extremely intuitive and “on point”. I thank the Universe for having such an experienced, dedicated and with the humility inherent to her character, available to people and in such a great need in all aspects. Therapy is life, and a good psychoanalyst behind the scenes works miracles.

Carolina T., Pompano Beach, FL-USA

Discover My Book


Transpersonal Psychology of Daily Life: In Between the Lines of "Normality"

É no contexto de uma análise do profundo, quando um profundo processo de autoconhecimento é possível, alcançando conteúdos que pertencem ao inconsciente coletivo, que encontramos os fenômenos transpessoais. Tais fenômenos são vivenciados e precisam ser integrados na totalidade da personalidade, abrindo novos horizontes e compreensões de quem somos.Jornada interior significa geralmente atravessar as fronteiras da psique individual, penetrando num território que vai muito além das margens do ego.

Where to find me

Psicologia Dialética
A blog in Port. about "Revisiting Psychology and Real Life". 
International Institute for Distance Learning Promoting Self-Awareness Allied With Professional Development  
Consciousness Boca
Boca Raton, FL - USA
Life Coaching With a Soul Services
Amigas do Parto
Good Info and Awareness about Childbirth and Motherhood. 

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