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I'm Adriana Tanese Nogueira, a half-blood Brazilian and Italian who grew up in Milan, Italy, since 5 years old. 

Milan is my hometown. I spent my youth in the best of the time and place, when cultural initiatives were intense and social movements actives. I studied Comparative Culture (and Languages) in an experimental high school. From there I attended Philosophy at the Università degli Studi di Milano, an amazing place, an ancient medieval monastery turned into a Hospital, and finally University. I spent hours in the little inner courts studying amongst columns and red bricks walls transpiring history. How gorgeous is to be surrounded by the marks of the past!


I was endowed by a very peculiar personal past, as my father fought against the military dictatorship that took power in Brazil in 1964, thus forcing us years later to flee to Italy, thanks to my Italian mother. At age 16 I felt the need to go in analysis. Being bicultural, speaking two languages, and asking many questions, I needed to work on myself. 


I spent eight years with Clara Serina, who founded later the Centro di Ricerche Evolutive dell'Essere with her first class of students, me included (later became CREDES). Diverging on theoretical issues, I moved to her teacher, the. remarkable thinker and post-jungian analyst, Silvia Montefoschi. That same year, 1988, I started my own practice, being my first little patient Andrea, a 7-year-old violent boy. I was 23, it took me three months to have him change his behavior. He and his parents spent two years with me. Since the beginning I showed a tendency to work with families.

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Only who you are can heal you.

C. G. Jung


But I was not meant to stay in Brazil. In 2006 I moved to the USA. From here, my activities in Brazil grew without any planning. It simply happened. I have written several books since then and transitioned to my original field, psychology and psychoanalysis. 


I consider myself an educator. 

On the left the first AELLA, annual 4-days immersion in psychoanalysis, mythology, literature, and philosophy. August 2019, we were in a holistic center near the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

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Psychoanalysis, according to Silvia Montefoschi, has only two vocations: being repressive or revolutionary.

We choose the second one.


I moved to the USA in 2006, continuing and decreasing my activities.

In 2009, I started a collection of books on humanization, totaling ten titles, three of which were translated into Spanish.

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O homem pode realizar coisas extraordinárias se estas fizerem sentido para ele.

C. G. Jung

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2019, São Paulo, first AELLA, annual meeting of psychoanalysis, mythology, and philosophy.

​2014, São Paulo International Book Biennial, the launch of the two-volume memoir Acorda Amor, about the early years of the Brazilian military dictatorship and the impact on my family.


Curriculum & Professional Background

  • Bachelor of Philosophy from the Università degli Studi di Milano (Italia);

  • Master of Science in Religion from PUC/SP (Brasil);

  • PhD in Psychology from Bircham International University (Madrid, Espanha);

  • Transpersonal therapist in Deep Memory Process (DMP - regression) by Woolger International;

  • Eco-Psychology facilitator, Project NatureConnect by J.M. Cohen, with support from the United Nations Economic and Social Council;

  • Certified hypnotist, by Richard Nogard;

  • 8 years of personal analysis (Jung and Silvia Montefoschi, name known in Italian psychoanalytic culture);

  • 6 years of didactic analysis (Jung and Silvia Montefoschi, name known in the Italian psychoanalytic culture);

  • 3 years of Psychoanalytical Study Groups at the Laboratorio di Ricerche Evolutive (Sarzana, SP, Italy, which was Montefoschi's "school", in quotation marks because it was against "schools");

  • 2-year Course on the History of Psychoanalysis at the Laboratorio di Ricerche Evolutive (Sarzana, SP, Italy, which was Montefoschi's "school", in quotation marks because it was against "schools");

  • Founder and coordinator of the NGO Amigas do Parto (; administrator of its online courses aimed at those who speak Portuguese and Spanish, promoting natural and respectful ways of giving birth and women's empowerment; I have also published several books on the subject, including one for children;

  • Founder and director of Instituto Internacional Aella - Ser & Saber Consciente: Courses for personal and professional growth and development.

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